Baashaa Highlights

Psycho-linguistics oriented learning methodology

We @ Baashaa language labs, have been trying to understand and model Language comprehension and reproduction as a cognitive process. It involves not just the learning of language constructs but also aligning those learning inline with the characteristics of human mind. We model the staged evolution of concepts in mind to meaningful units as part of the learning process itself.

Following are some example aspects in Baashaa ensures easy picking of the conceptual and structural mastery of language.

Splitting the learning units into entities

Visual tool to build your concepts

Sounds-like synonyms to improve the differentiation skills of the learner

Cultural adaptive contents and learning styles

Effectiveness of a language learning can vary significantly if the learning background/tool reflects the cultural priorities of the learner.The images, voice and any other similar learning aid being used, if matches closely with learners' preferences, can boost up the learning speed and efficiency. Baashaa apps offers such flexibility. Also, various style/dialect based contents give learners the privilege to choose/relate among them.

The following features of the platform supports cultural adaption through

An array of cultural specific images for as many concepts as possible, for app partners to choose from

Support for linguists to enter as many dialects/synonyms for any learning unit

Human teacher assisted learning

Automated information technology based systems always have the drawback of not promoting learner's natural curiosity and development through cycles of rights and wrongs with a human touch. Baashaa houses expert teachers for students to connect to, when they are in need to get guidance and feedback.

Are you interested in increasing your sphere of reach all around the globe? Baashaa is your ideal launch-pad. Once your great language data is in, it will start working to generate your revenues from multiple apps used by learners from different geographies - known and sometimes even unknown!