Are you interested in creating guided,scientific, impactful and rewarding language learning material? Are you interested in increasing your sphere of reach all around the globe?


With cutting edge software tools and well structured templates Baashaa Lab’s content creation process is as easy as breeze.With the help of well documented guides and our linguist support team the path to great content is well lit.From signing in to content translation and voice upload baashaa Lab’s linguist support team stays aside even if the process is easy.

Psycho linguistics oriented unique content templates

We @ Baashaa language labs, have been trying to understand and model Language comprehension and reproduction as a cognitive process. It involves not just the learning of language constructs but also aligning those learning inline with the characteristics of human mind. We model the staged evolution of concepts in mind to meaningful units as part of the learning process itself.

Following are some example aspects in Baashaa ensures easy picking of the conceptual and structural mastery of language.

Metered Revenue as per the usage metering in the ecosystem market place

The association with Baashaa Lab's will provide a life time fortune. Our well structured usage metering system will track each user's usage and a portion of the monthly payments will go to corresponding linguists. The more the Application partners use the linguists content the more the revenue will be to the linguist. Creating a wonderful content library will be a goose which lays golden eggs.