App Partners

Baashaa is world's first language learning offered as a service, platform. Any linguistically and or culturally well connected business entity - individual or organization can subscribe for Baashaa's cost effective language modules and services to build apps, hosted in platform's cloud and app-stores. Default and customiseable packages are available to build apps connecting N source languages and 1 destination language - the app partner's language.

Choose content from one more linguists/content creators for one language rendering

From the wide range of linguists content create custom apps for your need. Baashaa Lab's technical end will enable the application partner to pick and choose from the contents created from top class linguists around the world in simple steps.

Create your own branded apps in one click of a button

Baashaa Lab's technical team works round the clock to make the complex process of app creation simple. Our algorithm will create custom apps at the click of a button after choosing the contents.

Custom enterprise language apps building support

Are you part of a university ? An industry where people from abroad works ? Are you a travel agency? Baashaa Lab covers all aspects of language learning and supports custom made templates for specific enterprises.

Customizable revenue options - learners and teachers subscriptions, advertisements

A hand shake with Baashaa Labs will create a wide range of revenue options as our world class apps create never before user experience, the marketing will be an easy task. Being our partner will open a whole new possiblity for your business which converts to revanue.