Learn your preferred language(s) in a soul-ful content rich manner! Baashaa language learning templates are made scientifically with the support of careful evaluation of psycho-linguistic comprehension and reproduction patterns of languages within a human mind. The cultural adaption, grouping / segregation of similarly sounding / meaning units and interactive visual building of language concepts provide a strong base for learning. Careful and teacher guided navigation through the systematic, scenario based and finally the conversation intensive modules ensure a thorough language development within the learner.

Psycho-linguistic learning aka mental language learning

We @ Baashaa language labs, have been trying to understand and model Language comprehension and reproduction as a cognitive process which involves not just the learning of language constructs but also aligning those learnings inline with the characteristics of human mind. The bottom up (smaller chunks to bigger units) evolution of linguistic units in stages and the various mind-algorithms based on sound and meaning development/recognition are keys to soulful mastery of any language.

Cultural adaption

Learning expectations for a particular language can be different based on the host language (language which is used as the medium of learning) and also the flavor/style of learning. The images or voice or any similar learning aid being used, if reflects the host language or requested culture, can boost up the learner's comprehension speed and efficiency. Baashaa systems accommodate such flexibility. In addition to it, various style/flavor based contents give learner the privilege to choose his/her preferred language variant.

Human teacher element

Automated information technology based systems always have the drawback of not promoting learner's natural curiosity and imaginative development. The rules can do justice to the objective evaluation, but the subjective and individualistic elements cannot