Baashaa considers high of the natural, collaborative and learner dependent, human teacher assistance in the language learning process. In these lines, we have expert offline assistance in assessment, guidance and custom message oriented feedback / correction support from qualified teachers who are well versed in the medium language and the language being learned.

Assess and assist offline in convenient timings

Baashaa Labs creates a hassle free teaching experience. Teach and assist students at your convenient time. Our one way conversation architecture makes teaching convenient as teacher can tech without any concern about behavior of the student

Well structured tools and methodologies for learner assistance

Baashaa Labs technical team created a platform which make the teaching process easy as never before. Our teacher application with simple interactions will enable teacher to involve with ease and teach students in a new way.

Revenue based on student content and custom message services

Spend your free time in exchange for a fortune. Baashaa Labs lets you create an earning by spending your convenient time. Our Usage metering system assess teacher service and revanue will flow to the teacher. Teacher can earn more by spending more time and involvement in the system.